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These repositories are the primary copy of all my projects, with a backup copy at Sourcehut. You can also browse the repositories using gemini. You can clone all repositories via https. More information about projects at my home page.


In order to contribute to each project check for a CONTRIBUTING.md file. If the file is not present, the project might not be open to contributions.

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Project Description Last Change
rbdr/r.bdr.sh The contents of r.bdr.sh #personal 11 days ago
rbdr/oleoboard.nvim A neovim plugin to use directories as a kanban-like board #plugin 12 days ago
rbdr/nota.nvim A plugin to manage periodic notes, tasks, learning and plan files in neovim. #plugin 12 days ago
rbdr/lissajous A lissajous curve renderer #web 2 months ago
rbdr/lyricli A CLI lyrics tool written in Swift #cli 3 months ago
rbdr/blog An (almost) ephemeral blog #cli 3 months ago
rbdr/page take gmi files and build static gemini and http pages. #cli 4 months ago
rbdr/heart A heart #web 4 months ago
rbdr/dotfiles My dotfiles #config 4 months ago
rbdr/txt Text files for assorted purposes. #personal 5 months ago
rbdr/tiny-command-pal Remotely request command execution #cli 5 months ago
rbdr/ngx_http_office_hours_filter_module A victory for the servers labor rights: An nginx module that allows you to serve your content only during... 5 months ago
rbdr/blog.unlimited.pizza The contents of the blog @ unlimited.pizza #personal 5 months ago
rbdr/pinboard-linkblog-updater A linkblog automation for blog, using pinboard as a source, intended to run with cron #cli 5 months ago
rbdr/canvas An infinite canvas #web 5 months ago
rbdr/monitorcito A tiny monitor for systemd services #web 5 months ago
rbdr/git-sync-all Synchronize all your git folders #cli 6 months ago
rbdr/forum A forum system for the year 3000. This repository contains the frontend code. #web 6 months ago
rbdr/gamedb A database of playground games #web 6 months ago
rbdr/captura-backend-example An example backend for captura #web 7 months ago
rbdr/homebrew-apps Homebrew tap for apps I create #config 9 months ago
rbdr/api-notation.vim API Notation Syntax Highlight Plugin for vim #plugin 9 months ago
rbdr/tree-sitter-api-notation Tree Sitter parser for API Notation #plugin 9 months ago
rbdr/junction Connect people through any URL #plugin 9 months ago
rbdr/netnewswire-to-apple-music Script to fetch music from music blogs in NetNewsWire and add them to apple music. #script 10 months ago
rbdr/fyr Communicate with light #web 11 months ago
rbdr/cologne Dependencyless log multiplexer for Javascript #library 12 months ago
rbdr/crowdantine crowdsourcing my quarantine #web 12 months ago
rbdr/sumo A game about wrestling #game 12 months ago
rbdr/serpentity-lib Shared Components for Serpentity ECS framework for Javascript #library 12 months ago
rbdr/serpentity ECS framework for Javascript #library 12 months ago
rbdr/tomato-sauce Draw stuff via telnet #cli 12 months ago
rbdr/patterns Black and white Swift UI Patterns #library 14 months ago
rbdr/Flat-Bezel.qsplugin A new take on the Bezel Interface, using a flatter look. #plugin 16 months ago
rbdr/lyricli.rb Original ruby version of lyricli #cli 17 months ago
rbdr/api-notation.vscode API Notation Syntax Highlight Plugin for VSCode #plugin 2 years ago
rbdr/prompt A drawing prompt generator #web 2 years ago
rbdr/corona-regeln New corona regulations for berlin #web 2 years ago
rbdr/api-notation.tmLanguage API Notation syntax for TextMate and Sublime Text #plugin 2 years ago
rbdr/lgtm looks good to me #web 2 years ago
rbdr/generador-de-insultos Insult generator in spanish, stop using those boring popular curse words: make your own (or have them... 2 years ago
rbdr/api-notation-atom API Notation syntax grammar for atom #plugin 3 years ago
rbdr/graphviz-to-grafn Convert graphviz diagrams to grafn code #cli 3 years ago
rbdr/grafn Graph + Fn: Execute functions as a graph #library 3 years ago
rbdr/dead-drop A phone messaging system #web 5 years ago
rbdr/flower A flower #web 5 years ago
rbdr/pico-engine Simple Game Engine with C++ and Lua #game 6 years ago
rbdr/super-polarity Super Polarity - A Shooter with magnetism! #game 6 years ago
rbdr/sorting-hat A sorting hat, sorts you to a variety of sets of 4 using your brainwaves #web 6 years ago
rbdr/sorting-hat-renderer Frontend for the sorting hat #web 6 years ago
rbdr/frames This page requires frames #web 7 years ago
rbdr/dasein An ephemeral social network #web 7 years ago
rbdr/custom_event_support.lua Event emitter for lua #library 11 years ago
rbdr/grita Compartir texto de forma anónima. #web 12 years ago